ACCORDION players Paul Hutchinson and Karen Tweed almost never discuss accordions or accordion music when they meet, or talk about accordion bands.

Nevertheless, they have decided to write new music for two accordions and perform it together and are bringing the results of their collaboration to three Dorset dates next month.

King of the accordion Paul Hutchinson is perhaps best known for his work in the Folk Awards-nominated duo Belshazzar’s Feast.

Other notable collaborations include Hoover the Dog, Fruits of Paradise and The Playford Liberation Front, whilst his ongoing project British Aisles takes him back to church, Paul continues to be an inspiring and innovative teacher and his strong belief that music shouldn’t be pigeonholed is evident in his prolific and diverse comp-ositions.

English accordion queen Karen Tweed won an All Ireland Championship title on the melodica when she was about 17 before deciding to concentrate on the accordion.

One of the leading lights on the UK and international folk scenes, Karen is noted for work with Kathryn Tickell, Ian Carr, The Poozies, Swap, 2 Duos Quartet and May Monday, and as instigator of such adventurous projects as these and the 4K Plot, Circa Compania and The No1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra.

As a soloist she’s astonishing and continues breaking accord-ionesque preconceptions and boundaries.

Artsreach is bringing the pair to the county and spokeswoman Kerry Bartlett said: “Individ-ually brilliant, Paul and Karen together could be dangerous, hilarious or precarious, but most definitely entertaining.

“Expect lots of laughs and humorous banter between these two old pals too.

“The stuff of myth and legend, Beauty or the Beast? are bringing their magical music to three enchanted Dorset venues near you soon – and we’ll all live happily ever after!”

Catch them at Tarrant Gunville Village Hall on November 15 (call 01258 830361 for tickets), Burton Bradstock village hall the following night (call 01308 897214) and Studland village hall on November 17 (call 01929 450204). Performances are at 7.30pm.