NAMED after the two films, American Beauty/American Psycho – that’s AB/AP to fans – feels like a natural progression from Save Rock ’n’ Roll, released in 2013.

It’s the second post-hiatus album from Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz and co, and blends the sounds of the original sound fans fell in love with back in the Grand Theft Autumn days with the band’s solo sounds.

In a nutshell, the album is that eclectic and electric ‘wave your fist in the air’ kind of anthemic.

Opening track Irresistible is ridiculously catchy, while penultimate closer Immortals makes you want to throw on trainers and burst into a run. From Jet Pack Blues and Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC), AB/AP is one of the most energetic and catchiest records of the Illinois band’s career, like one big anthem flowing through from start to finish.

Yet each song brings a new and exciting energy. Bravo, once again, Fall Out Boy.

Roll on October 10 when the band plays the BIC, as part of their UK tour.