Round about this time last year Dying Light introduced us to what, on the surface, appeared to be a run-of-the-mill zombie affair.

But peel away the rotting flesh and there was a jolly solid corpse underneath. Without being too flashy (but certainly very fleshy) Dying Light unloaded a more-than-competent open-world government-conspiracy romp that soaked up more than a handful of my sleepy time.

This edition is positively obese with extra bits, not only the really rather excellent Dying Light but a whole new campaign The Following. This bins the compact city of Harran for the open plains where your parkour skills are very much redundant. But dry those tears, for we have an off-roader to hand, and there's nothing quite so satisfying than careening through groaning hordes as their bits bounce off the roll cage. In keeping with the craft-and-care approach that Dying Light lifted wholesale from The Last of Us, The Following's new vehicular reliance sees the scarcity of fuel quite the issue, which is irritating but realism is not at home to infinite petroleum, I suppose.

Downloadable content Be The Zombie, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle and The Bozak Horde are also thrown in. The latter offers that 80s horror cliche of a grouch in a hockey mask ordering you about in an effort to craft a lovely bow-and-arrow killing set. Not that the developers have made it easy to obtain. No madam, that weapon will only be crafted by those at the upper end of the zombie-killing league table, so frustratingly difficult are many of the missions.

Be the Zombie, a free download for the original, offers precisely what it suggests, with a nifty Just Cause grapple approach to travel disguised as sloppy tentacles.

Ultimate Survivor is nothing more than some pointy new weapons and some equally sharp suits.

If you missed Dying Light 12 months ago now's the chance to get on board. It's nothing revolutionary on a technical level but with The Following jammed in here, no other undead-related game can match its depth and variety.