FEARLESS Sam Thompson has vowed to get his championship bid back on track despite wrecking his bike in an horrific 110mph crash.

Miraculously, the 19-year-old Bournemouth rider walked away from the spill unscathed but his Triumph was badly damaged.

Apart from a dented ego and a few bruises, Thompson is unshaken and determined to resume his title challenge.

“I need to compete again at the end of the month or I will be too many points behind to catch up,” said Thompson, who lost control of his bike during the second round of the British Superbike Series at Oulton Park, Cheshire on Bank Holiday Monday.

The reigning Thundersport 600cc champion had qualified first in the Triumph Triple Challenge Cup class on Sunday.

“I was only 1.2 seconds off the lap record and 0.3 off front row, so I had high hopes for the main two races,” added Thompson.

But it all went horribly wrong for Thompson during the 10-minute warm-up session before the main event. With just one lap of the session to go, he was distracted by a fellow rider who took a tumble in front of him.

“I slowed down to take a glance,” explained Thompson. “That slight lack of concentration on the track must have put me on the wrong line for the next corner.

“The front wheel lifted slightly more than normal and the back wheel span up on me and before I knew it I was pitched off the back.

“I slid around 100 feet on my back. I got up with no major injuries but quickly noticed the bike was almost totally wrecked.

“I was gutted. My rival (Freddy Pett) cruised to two easy wins, leaving me 56 points behind him with a lot of work to do.”

Thompson, who started the second round in second place, dropped to fourth in the cup championship rankings after he was forced to withdraw.

In order for him to compete at Donington Park on May 23-25, it is going to take a huge effort from the bike manufacturers.

“The only thing they might be able to save is the engine,” explained Thompson. “T3 Racing have taken it away and will try to have it ready in time.”

Initial estimates for the repairs are around £6,000 and will leave Thompson strapped for cash.

Thompson told the Daily Echo: “This crash has taken a lot out of our budget. If T3 hadn’t been prepared to let me spread the cost my season would have been over for sure.”

He hopes television and press coverage given to the British Superbike Series will help him recoup some of his losses in new sponsorship deals.

Last season, Thompson became the youngest Thundersport GB champion on a stock 600cc motorbike. He can be contacted at thompsonracing50@gmail.com