A MAJOR clean-up operation was launched at Creekmoor’s park-and-ride after travellers left the site over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bags of rubbish were left dumped, along with gas bottles and broken glass.

Borough of Poole says it couldn’t put a price on the cost of the clean-up at this stage, as the operation was still ongoing.

However, Creekmoor ward councillor Judy Butt, below, told the Daily Echo a bus stop at the site was left smashed and a toilet, provided by the borough, had been pushed over.

Council officers have been able to confirm that three rubbish skips, costing £540, had been delivered to the park-and-ride since the travellers arrived earlier this month.

Jeff Morley, team manager for environmental and consumer protection at Borough of Poole, below, said yesterday: “We can now confirm the travellers at Creekmoor park-and-ride have now left the site.

“Works to cleanse the area and repair damage will commence today.”

Meanwhile, direction orders were served on the three traveller caravans remaining at Poole’s Sterte Esplanade yesterday.

Mr Morley explained: “Officers have visited this site which is clean and tidy.

“Temporary toilets and a skip remain on site to reduce any contamination and subsequent clean-up costs.

“The site will continue to be monitored by us as part of the legal process required for the removal of the travellers.”

Mr Morley said direction orders would be served and court time was being arranged for later this week to apply for an eviction order.

He added: “If successful the travellers will have 24-hours to leave the site after the order has been served.

“Following the departure the site will be cleaned and the metal post replaced.”

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