MOST youngsters are busy making loom band bracelets for themselves and their friends this summer – but Leo Davis, five, has gone one step further.

The little boy and his mum Lydia, 27, have created a whole dress made from the colourful little rubber bands.

Lydia, a full-time mum from Lockeridge Close, Blandford, said they came up with the idea after seeing something similar on Facebook.

She added: “We had rows and rows of them because Leo was making necklaces as long as he could. I saw something on Facebook saying ‘most of us mums just hoover them up, but look what this mum did with hers’ – it was a link to a dress on ebay.

“I looked at it and we were going to do a skirt, but we had so many we decided to do a dress. Leo made 80 per cent of it, I just put it together.

“It’s just the basic pattern, linking it through. We were going to do the fishtail style, but it would have taken so long.”

Leo said: “I was making really long necklaces, they touched the ground from my wrist. I think we’ve used over a thousand loom bands to make the dress.”

Lydia, also mum to Isabella, 21 months, put the size six dress on eBay and received a bid for more than £100,000, although the amount was never paid and it has now been re-listed, with bidding currently standing at around £6.50.

She said it took just three days to make after getting the whole family, including Leo’s nanny and dad, involved, adding: “We sat in the garden doing it. Leo had a lovely time making it, it was nice to get him sitting doing something instead of watching telly.”

Lydia has vowed not to make any more clothing garments, but has promised to make Leo a minion, from the film Despicable Me, next.