COUNCIL officials have started proceedings to evict a group of travellers that moved from a car park at Poole’s Baiter Park onto the adjoining public open space.

Four caravans, that moved onto the car park earlier this week, were driven onto the main parkland sometime between Thursday night and this morning.

On Friday, a Borough of Poole spokesman said: “Because of this, direction orders will be served on all caravans later today in anticipation of going to court to seek and eviction order early next week.

“There’s been no change in the number of vans. The site is tidy and will continue to be monitored as part of the legal process for the removal of the travellers.”

Meanwhile, four traveller caravans and one motor home remain parked-up on land adjacent to Staples car park and Christopher Crescent, Fleetsbridge, Poole.

Earlier this week residents had complained of traveller vehicles at this site parked right up against the gardens of elderly neighbours. Toilets and a skip have been provided at the Fleetsbridge encampment in accordance with the latest Borough of Poole policy.

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