SHOP owners were left disgusted after finding raw sewage on the pavement outside a Chinese restaurant in Bournemouth this morning.

Neighbours of the Golden Dragon Palace in Wimborne Road, Northbourne, found toilet paper and what appeared to be human excrement outside the takeaway after the owners had apparently tried to unblock their drain, but left the material out on the pavement.

The Golden Dragon Palace was closed on food hygiene grounds earlier this month after inspectors found dirty preparation and storage areas, before being re-opened after a “thorough clean”.

Owner of next door K2 Electrical Services, Andy Euels, said this had happened before and had seen employees of the takeaway trying to unblock the drain.

“I have been phoning environmental health since 8.30am and can't get through. It just keeps ringing and ringing,” he added.

“There are people walking straight through it and not realising what it is.”

Mr Euels said he first noticed the problem at 7.45am and alerted Sandi Finlay, owner of neighbouring salon Hair Stop, to the situation.

Ms Finlay said it was off-putting for her customers. “It is pretty gross,” she added.

A spokesperson from Wessex Water said the problem had been caused by a large amount of fat, which had been traced back to the takeaway, blocking the sewer.

The spokesman added: “This was cleared up immediately and we advised the restaurant owners how to dispose of fat, oils and greases appropriately, to avoid it happening again.”

Speaking on behalf of the owner of Golden Palace Dragon Lee Ni said the staff will listen to the advice given.

She said: “We don't want it to happen again. We don't want to inconvenience our neighbours and it's not good for us as well.”