A CAMPAIGN has been launched by a Poole family to find out what happened to a woman who disappeared 15 years ago.

The family of Debbie Griggs, some of whom live in Dorset, believe that she was murdered and are desperate to find her body and bring her killer to justice.

She was last seen leaving the home she then shared with husband Andrew and their three children in Walmer, Kent, on May 5, 1999.

Debbie was 34 years old and four-and-a-half months pregnant at the time. The family car was later found abandoned.

In 2005, Debbie’s cousin Jim Dunne, from Hamworthy, appealed for help through the Daily Echo and now, as the 15th anniversary of her disappearance passes, a Facebook and Twitter campaign has been launched by that side of the family.

Jim’s wife, Tracy, said: “We’ve had it on a web page for about 12 years, but we thought Facebook would be a more in-your-face medium and it’s getting the word out for us.”

After Debbie disappeared, her husband and three sons moved to Dorset and her mum Pat lost contact with them.

Tracy said the boys, Luke, who would now be around 17, Jake, now 19, and Jeremy, 22, might not even know of their maternal grandparents.

Pat, 74, who still lives in Deal, Kent, told the Echo: “We’ve not seen them since they moved down to Dorset.

“They’re all grown up now and probably don’t even remember us. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be here as my health is deteriorating.

“I want my grandsons to know that we really love them and it wasn’t our fault that they were moved down to Dorset.

“I would really like to get in touch with the boys.”

She asked anyone who knew anything to get in touch.

“It doesn’t matter how small they think it is, any information whatsoever that anyone knows of could be forwarded to the police. I think people are too frightened to come forward now after 15 years,” Pat added.

Find the campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/DebbieCameron Griggs or on Twitter @DebbieIsMissing