A DORSET charity is looking for families to help who are experiencing financial hardship after losing a parent to cancer.

The Richie Keefe Life and Soul Trust was inspired by the charity’s namesake, who died in 2008, at the age of 37, leaving behind wife, Jo, and daughter, Eleenor, then 11, after a 11-year battle with head and neck cancer.

Six years on and the charity is still going strong, says Martine Watkins, administrator of the trust, but they are continually looking for families in need of assistance.

Martine said: “We want to remind people that we are still out there and we want to help those that we can.

She added: “We are open for help to families with dependent children, where the main bread-winner has been diagnosed with, or has died from a terminal, life-limiting illness.

“We deal with Macmillan nurses and we receive referrals through them, and sometimes people think that because they have life insurance, that they can’t be helped, but that doesn’t mean that they are well off.”

The charity has helped with nursery fees, paying off an outstanding credit card bill, electricity bills and even leased cars.

For more information email Info@richiekeefelifeandsoul trust.org.uk or go to Richiekeefelifeandsoultrust.org.uk.