A HAIRDRESSER spent 15 hours straight cutting hair in a bid to raise crucial money for a boy suffering with cancer. Jamii Carmen Prince, 27, started the marathon day of barbering at 9am and worked until midnight at Southbourne salon Cortex Hair Design on Friday to help raise funds for her partner’s six-year-old cousin Matthias Plewka.

Matthias has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and given just six to nine months to live by NHS doctors.

However, his parents are desperately trying to raise the £80,000 needed for groundbreaking surgery in Germany which they believe could save his life.

Jamii said she was determined to do anything she could to help and decided to use her professional hairdressing skills to contribute to the cause.

“This is something that means so much to my partner and we are both doing everything we can,” she added.

“We had lots of people come in throughout the day and ask about Matthias and his story.”

Jamii set up a sponsored event on Facebook and charged £10 for a haircut.

She raised more than £270 from selling the haircuts and a further £50 was donated by passers-by and well wishers on the day.

“I didn’t feel tired at the end of it at all. I felt really hyperactive as I was so pleased with how well it went,” she said.

More than £2,000 has now been raised for Matthias’s cause and Jamii said she would not rest until enough had been found for the operation.

To donate to Matthias’s cause visit www.justgiving.com/ mattiasplewka