A mother was left horrified after her nine-year-old daughters found a hardcore porn movie inside their new DVD player.

After celebrating their ninth birthday on Friday, twins Charlotte and Madeline Scammell bought a Polaroid DVD player from the Asda store on St Pauls’ Road with their birthday money.

But after they returned home and went to watch their favourite movie, the youngsters discovered a gay porn film had been left inside the machine.

“Their birthday was on Friday and they wanted to get a DVD player,” explained the youngster’s mother Gillian Scammell.

“We went to Asda on Monday and purchased one for £20 and when we got home we set it up for them.

“They went to put in their Frozen DVD and came out asking ‘mum what’s this’?”

After discovering the disc the girls took it to their mother, who was horrified by what they found.

Mrs Scammell, of Beswick Avenue, Bournemouth, said: “I was disgusted. My husband and I were in complete shock. We’re just grateful they didn’t watch it.”

The 36-year-old is now calling on the superstore to improve security checks to ensure returned items are checked before being sold on.

“Even if people have purchased an item before it should be stated on the shelves saying it is second hand. But surely if someone had taken it back there are security checks in place to stop this type of thing from happening?

“I don’t know what procedures they have in place but whatever they are something has gone wrong,” she said.

A spokesman for Asda said an investigation had been launched to establish how the DVD ended up in the machine. In the meantime, as a gesture of good will, Asda has given Charlotte and Madeline a £20 voucher.

The spokesman added: “This is an isolated incident, but one which we are taking very seriously.

“We are currently conducting a full investigation into this matter and how it could have happened.

“We apologise to Mrs Scammell for any upset this may have caused.”