A CUTTING-edge ‘raptorcam’ will show birds of prey in their nests as they breed, hatch eggs, feed chicks and teach their young how to fly.

Visitors will be able to watch a pair of goshawks journey through the breeding season live from the New Forest Reptile Centre, near Lyndhurst or see it online.

Staff and volunteers will be on hand in the centre to explain more about the birds’ behaviour and answer any questions.

This year the female goshawk has four eggs, the last of which was laid two weeks ago.

Her attentive mate is looking after the eggs when she leaves the nest. The chicks are likely to appear in May.

Last year, the project run by the RSPB, the New Forest National Park Authority, the Forestry Commission and Carnyx Wild, saw nearly 13,500 people visit the centre to watch the drama unfold, a rise of more than 2,228 compared with 2012.

From June, a pair of New Forest hobbies, which breed later in the season, will take their turn in the limelight.

People can watch live footage of the birds at newforestgateway.org