A TAXI company has commissioned a purpose-built app which allows customers to see exactly where their cab is at any time.

Radio Cabs, based in Christchurch, says the app for iPhone and Android devices will offer greater security to customers as well as making it easier to book.

The software, produced by Cambridge company Cordic, allows the customer to see what make and colour of car to expect, its registration number, taxi plate number and job number.

Company chairman Chris Culleton said customers could easily see their taxi on the way to them.

“Instead of getting back the standard answer that all cab firms give, that it’s 5-10 minutes, you can see the car coming down the road,” he said.

The company, which has a 65-car fleet, recently joined forces with Dutchy Cars in Ringwood.

Radio Cabs had been doing an increasing amount of business in Ringwood, often taking passengers between two locations in the town.

It found it did not make sense to have cars constantly travelling up the Spur Road.

“To send a car from Bournemouth, Southbourne or Christchurch to Ringwood doesn’t do our carbon footprint any good but from a business point of view it isn’t viable,” said Mr Culleton.

The arrangement with Dutchy Cars sees its calls patched through to the Christchurch control room, which arranges for a cab in Ringwood to attend.

Radio Cabs has been in business for 45 years and is owned by nine partners.

It operates from Poole to Lymington.