A DISABLED man from Poole says he has “lost a lifeline” after the only parking space for blue badge holders was removed from the car park outside his home.

Darin Ball, of Malt House, Market Close, claims he has been “victimised” by his landlord, Poole Housing Partnership (PHP), which scrapped the disabled bay this month.

“I have type one diabetes and neuropathy [damage to the nervous system],” he explained.

“Sometimes I can’t walk very far. The disabled space is a lifeline for me.”

The 42-year-old, who has lived in his flat for the past 10 years, is calling for the space to be reinstated.

“It’s not just for me it’s for other disabled residents too,” he said. “I’ve set up a petition to try to get people onboard to get the parking space back.”

Poole Housing Partnership spokesman Matt Wilkin said the disabled space had been temporarily removed following “regular reports” from other residents that it was not being used.

He said: “Following a request from residents we decided to remove the disabled bay for a temporary period, and wrote to all residents advising them of the arrangement.”

Mr Ball claims the only time he does not use the space is if another disabled resident or visitor has parked there.

“I use it every day,” he said. “The only reason why it doesn’t get used is if one of the other residents uses it so I have to use another space.”

PHP said the decision to remove the disabled bay will be reviewed.

Mr Wilkin added: “Although we are fully supportive of the Disability Discrimination Act and the needs of disabled residents, we have to balance the needs of everyone living in the area. We understand this decision may not be popular with all residents, but we will review the parking provision on an ongoing basis.”