THIS photograph captured the moment a beach hut was floated to its new home via Christchurch harbour.

Under the gaze of a rainbow, the image captured by former Bath Travel managing director Peter Bath on Sunday shows the hut cruising across the water on its unconventional delivery route.

The hut, which resembles a mini chalet more commonly seen in the Swiss Alps, was taken on its journey to Mudeford by water after it was deemed too large to come by road over Hengistbury Head.

Mr Bath, himself a beach hut owner, said it was a beautiful morning and that he was lucky to have the framing of the rainbow for his picture.

“It was an unbelievable sight – to see it majestically floating down the water,” he said.

Peter Samson, who owns Ecological Developments, which built the hut, said his company has been making them for more than ten years and that they usually cost between £35,000 and £45,000.

He added: “This was the first one that was too wide to put on the back of the lorry.”

So the only alternative option was the river, and it was up to veteran boatman Geoff Elkins, seen in the blue jacket, to safely deliver the structure to its destination.

Setting off from Wick and heading upstream to Mudeford at dawn, cranes were used to install the building once it arrived at its destination.

The delivery of the new hut came just weeks after dozens of beach huts across Dorset were destroyed during the February storms.

This specially designed one, however, had been ordered months in advance.