A MAN climbed onto the roof of Aldi superkmarket in Poole yesterday morning after allegedly causing damage to three cars.

Dorset Police were called to attend the shop on Pitwines Close at around 6.50am following reports of a man smashing car windows in the nearby carpark.

When police arrived, a man climbed onto the roof of Aldi. They spoke to him and he was subsequently detained.

John Langley, 27, from Kent is due to appear at Bournemouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, charged with causing criminal damage and theft from a motor vehicle.

Nearby resident Chris Forryan, who witnessed the man walk along the roof, said that he was alerted to what was happening by a neighbour who called him at 7.30am.

He added: “People were just waking up at that time and were coming out of their flats, to stand on the balconies and watch what was happening, but were told to go back indoors by the police.”

Chris said that he also noticed that some of the vehicles in the car park had been damaged and later went to see if his car was one of them.

“When I got down there, I saw that three of the cars had had their side windows smashed in and my car, which was next to one of them, was fortunately untouched.

“I saw that the police after were taking fingerprints and there was a forensics team there, obviously to try and find out who damaged the cars.”

Chris said that he does not know how the man came to be on the roof of Aldi, and estimated that it is at least 12ft to the top of the shop’s building.