A DELIVERY driver and former international American football player from Bournemouth is hoping to bring his new, high-tempo sports game to the world.

Vince Golden conceived the basic idea for yBall several years ago and it is now played by Bournemouth University, Oakmead Rugby Club and several schools in Dorset.

Combining elements of basketball, handball and netball, the semi-contact sport played with a Nerf ball challenges your hand-eye coordination and sets your heart racing.

Vince, 51, who played American football for England said: “The ethos behind yBall is to get people active and to build a community with a new concept sport.

“It is a fast-paced sport, with a PA system blasting out music and an MC interacting with the crowd, so there’s a great atmosphere.

“All ages can play and there are often mixed teams.”

The game can played on the beach or grass on a 50m or 40m pitch depending on the ages of the players.

Two teams of eight compete against each other for an hour and each team has 10 passes to score a goal.

Vince, who currently works as a Tesco delivery driver, said: “It’s a very simple game because I wanted it to have a very jersey-down feel with no marking on the pitch, so it can be played anywhere by anyone.

“One day I’d love to see it played in the Olympics, but for now I’m trying to develop the sport in Dorset and get lots of youngsters involved.

“I want to generate the heat to make a flame, to start a fire and burn the house down.”