Tracey Woodrow, who has one child in year 2 and another in reception, said her children had thrived at the school. “I love this school,” she said. “The children really love it here and they have all done really well.”

Katherine Zschaeck said: “All of the staff are very approachable. They are always very helpful and my children really enjoy the topics they are learning about.”

Year 1 teacher Sarah Steel, who has worked at the school for ten years, said: “What I love about the school is the children. They are so well-behaved. They really respect us and look out for one another.”

Andy Best, site manager, said the children and staff made the school a great place to work. He said: “The children are just fantastic. They make you laugh or smile most days and the staff are very supportive. We are very much a team.”

Seven-year-old Sydney Bird, who is in year 2, said: “I like the teachers. They are always helping us when we get stuck and they are very friendly.”

Archie, also seven years-old, said he enjoyed taking part in after school clubs. He said: “I like doing football after school and I like science. I really liked making circuits with a buzzer and a light bulb.”