A PROPOSED extension to Christchurch Sailing Club has led to objections from local residents despite reassurances.

Residents who live on a development next to the popular club at Christchurch Quay fear the small extension to the club will cause more traffic and vehicle movements.

But club management say the first floor extension will only serve existing members and is not meant to attract new people.

Some of the residents at Priory Quay say issues over emergency services’ access and traffic have prompted them to object to the proposal for an extension to the sailing club.

John Glazer, one of the directors of Priory Quay management company, said: “We want to work with them. This is not a battle.

“There is already traffic with trailers coming over the bridge and we’re worried about access for the emergency services.

“Cars often spill out of the car park and make access difficult as it is and this will only encourage more traffic, we believe.”

During one incident, an ambulance could not get out of the development, resident and fellow director Frances Outram said.

But Lawrence Crapper, commodore of Christchurch Sailing Club, said the extension was not to attract new members.

The room, which will add 2.7metres to the elevation, would be used for training and briefing, not for social functions, he added.

It will also be set back one metre from the present line and will not reduce summer or winter boat storage, he added.

“On a normal night there are a few different activities going on, and with more space we could accommodate that better.”

Membership has remained constant for the last 30 years, Mr Crapper said and the club has a limited capacity of what they could offer people.

Architect Matt Stevens from Aspire Architects said: “From an architectural point of view, this is very positive. It is helping the club cope with their current needs and adding something more aesthetically pleasing.”

The extension would also be triple glazed while the current structure is single glazed.