AT an asking price of £270,000, this beach hut at Mudeford could become the most expensive in the UK.

With a view of the Needles, running water and electricity, Hut 433 at Mudeford sandspit is one of the more luxurious huts on the market.

It has a basement with a pump for running hot and cold water, as well as a mezzanine which sleeps up to five people with two sofas that can pull out and make room for more.

The hut, which has been renovated by its London owners, has a sea view towards the Isle of Wight and Needles with solar panels for power and a fridge freezer.

Negotiator David Bird from Austin and Wyatt at Highcliffe said the family are hoping to buy a different hut with a different view on the sandbank.

“I think it's probably the most expensive one I can remember,” he told the Daily Echo.

“I think we might be close to a record price.

“We only took it on, last Thursday and there has already been a lot of interest.

“I would like to see it sold within the next 10 days.

“I think we'll get the asking price as well; in fact I've got no doubt they will get it.

“People go mad for these huts - it's the lifestyle it gives them.

“You can live in them for seven months of the year and it's got a really nice community down here with the restaurant.”

Earlier this month, the Daily Echo featured a beach hut with “sea glimpses” on sale at Mudeford for £225,000.

What will £270,000 buy you?

  • A converted Victorian gatehouse in Christchurch
  • A three-bedroom semi-detached in Christchurch
  • A four-bedroom house in Ashley Road, Bournemouth
  • A two-bedroom flat at Honeycombe Chine