CHRISTCHURCH’S 24 councillors received more than £153,400 in allowances in the last financial year.

Latest figures reveal how much each councillor has received over the council year 2013/14.

Members of the borough council receive a basic allowance of £4,071 with special responsibility allowances paid to portfolio holders, committee chairs, the leader and Mayor.

Councillors voted to increase their allowances in 2012, a move which was slammed by the Taxpayers Alliance.

The rise amounted to an 8.1 per cent increase, raising the annual allowances spend from £131,861 to £154,000.

But leader of Christchurch council, Cllr Ray Nottage, said at the time the council had been advised to raise their allowances by an independent body.

Responding to this year’s allowances, he said: “Members allowances have been frozen for the past two years and some special responsibility payments were cut two years ago.

“These are challenging times for the council and our members are being asked to oversee a huge change in the way it is governed against a background of cuts in grants from central government.

“The allowances recognise the value our members are bringing to the operation of the council while being mindful of showing budget restraint.”

Cllr Nottage, who faced a leadership challenge earlier this year, drew the largest amount at £15,664.

He is permitted to claim a basic allowance plus a special responsibility allowance for being leader of the council.

He also received £1,412.55 for travel expenses.

Many councillors received travel expenses, with the final total tallying £3,549.

A spokesperson for the council said some councillors’ travel expenses will be higher than others as members are encouraged to car share, meaning some drive more frequently than others.

Five Christchurch councillors – Margaret Phipps, Lesley Dedman, Peter Hall, David Jones and Colin Jamieson – are also Dorset County councillors and will also claim allowances from that authority as well.

At Christchurch council, no member is entitled to more than one special responsibility allowance.

Deputy leader Colin Jamieson, who is also chairman of planning control committee, received £8,182, while leader of the two-man opposition, independent councillor Colin Bungey, received £4,815.

The Mayor of Christchurch during the year 2013/14, Cllr John Lofts, received £7,865.

Christchurch council: Who received what...

  • Cllr Claire Bath £7,774
  • Cllr Colin Bungey £4,815
  • Cllr Bernie Davis £8,800
  • Cllr Lesley Dedman £4,071
  • Cllr Sally D-Wilkes £8,143
  • Cllr Mike Duckworth £8,610
  • Cllr David Flagg £6,108
  • Cllr Tavis Fox £4,071
  • Cllr Gillian Geary £4,071
  • Cllr Nick Geary £7,125
  • Cllr Peter Hall £4,648
  • Cllr Paul Hilliard £4,071
  • Cllr Colin Jamieson £8,182
  • Cllr Trish Jamieson £4,071
  • Cllr David Jones £4,280
  • Cllr Denise Jones £4,071
  • Cllr John Lofts (Mayor) £7,865
  • Cllr Myra Mawbey £4,329
  • Cllr Fred Neale £4,071
  • Cllr Ray Nottage £15,664
  • Cllr Margaret Phipps £8,360
  • Cllr Lisle Smith £4,071
  • Cllr Sue Spittle £8,336
  • Cllr Trevor Watts £7,819