A FOOTBALLER knocked a man unconscious in a “vicious attack” at a Bournemouth nightspot, a court heard.

Billy Maybury, of Poole Road in Westbourne, lashed out at friends Alexander Gill and Adam Wilson after an evening in nightclub Cameo last November.

The Wimborne Town player then attempted to leave the scene, but was detained by bouncers until police could arrive.

Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court heard on Friday that the 20-year-old approached both men on the dance floor of the club in Fir Vale Road at around 3.30am.

Prosecutor Heather Jackson said: “After a short discussion, he head-butted Mr Gill to the face, causing him immediate pain.

“He then punched Mr Wilson, causing him to fall to the ground and become unconscious.”

Although both of the victims recovered from their injuries, they were left with bruising and pain, Ms Jackson said.

Initially, Maybury told the court he was not guilty of two counts of assault by beating.

However, he changed his plea last month, and told magistrates he was “sorry” for the attack. “There has been a mistake made here,” he said. “No one deserves what I did. I acted prematurely to the situation and I’m sorry about it.”

Chairman of the magistrates, Alan Belbin, sentenced Maybury to a 12-month supervision order, and 125 hours of community service to be completed in the next six months, as well as £570 in costs.

“This was an unprovoked and particularly vicious attack,” he told the defendant.

“It is so serious we have to make a community order.”