THOUSANDS of pounds left in a will by a Poole resident will help pay for a new member of staff at Poole Hospital.

Norman Barrett, 87, left £10,000 to the Longfleet Road hospital to fund its work on cancer research, which will enable the hospital to take on a new junior physicist for a year.

It means that the hospital’s principal physicists will be able to concentrate on their research and development work, says Graham Freestone, deputy head of radiotherapy physics at Poole Hospital.

He said: “Research into new ways of treating and managing illness are very important.

“We rely on people like Norman who help us to make progress in the fight against it.”

He added: “The NHS is learning more all the time about how to deal with a whole range of medical conditions, and make progress in the fight against it. We are delighted that Mr Barratt has chosen to donate such a generous amount to us and help us in our research.”

Friend and executor of Norman’s will, Sue Tucker, said: “Norman’s gift was given as a result of the good care that his lovely wife, Barbara, received at Poole Hospital and also in recognition of the care received in the past by his very close friends.

“Knowing Norman, he would have been very proud and pleased that his gift had helped in some small way and that he could give a little bit back to help others.

“He was a very generous man.”

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