A CHINESE takeaway has been closed down on food hygiene grounds.

Officials from Bournemouth council made the decision to close the Golden Dragon Palace in Wimborne Road, Northbourne on Friday evening.

The takeaway, situated on Ashridge Parade, received a damning report from the Food Standards Agency two years ago when it was given a rating of poor for food safety and hygiene.

The reasons for the drastic action are displayed in the window of the Wimborne Road takeaway, alongside a hand-written sign claiming the business is closed for “inside decoration.”

Louise Jones, Food and Health and Safety manager at Bournemouth council said: “It’s rare and disappointing that any takeaway should fall so far below the acceptable standards.

“Despite our advice there has not been sufficient improvement and we have had to close the business to protect the general public.”

She said the Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice, served on operator Ms Yun Xue Mei, will now be scrutinised by a court and added: “We want to continue to work with the Golden Dragon Palace and help them improve.

“However, we can’t let Bournemouth residents be put at risk and we needed to take immediate action in this case.”

The notice says: “The food preparation and storage areas are dirty.

“The cutting boards are in poor condition and badly scored.

“Items of food equipment are in poor condition and dirty.

“Unsafe food practices noted.”

Bournemouth Echo: The Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice is displayed in the window

A food safety and hygiene notice says: "The combination of the above presents a significant risk of contamination of food and hence an imminent risk of injury to health".

But the hand-written sign says: “Sorry we are closed for inside decoration. We apologise to all our customers.”

An unnamed spokesman for the takeaway, said: “From now on we will change all these things and promise to do everything we can to improve.

“Please give us a chance.”