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Gun fired into home on Jewell Road on the Townsend estate

Police are investigating an incident in which a gun was fired into a house in Bournemouth.

  • The incident happened in Jewell Road on the Townsend Estate in the early hours of Wednesday morning, said Detective Chief Inspector, John Gateley.
  • It's reported that one man carried out the attack.
  • A 48-year-old man has been taken to Poole Hospital after sustaining a pellet injury to the side of his body.
  • No arrests have been made yet.
  • The suspect has been described as a white man, in his twenties, between five feet six inches and five feet nine inches tall. He was wearing a dark coloured top.
  • Witnesses have reported that a vehicle left the area at the time but it is unclear whether this is connected to the incident.

  • Comments

    Dibbles2 12:23pm Wed 16 Apr 14

    I find it really odd that people saw and have identified what the man looked like but nobody has mentioned the car which is considerably bigger than a man!

    Score: 10
    kingstonpaul 12:48pm Wed 16 Apr 14

    My god, so much drama, so much tension lavished on trying to polish a non-story. Tweets about people going in and out of front doors really is dull, dull, dull.

    Score: 12
    adspacebroker 2:43pm Wed 16 Apr 14

    Some Classic photos of 'da seen'! You've got Mrs Zamboang from CSI with her gloves on ready to dust the place down, Jimmy Greaves has obviously got a holiday home on the estate, and you can tell it's posh cos the have the Police round to strim his verges...Classic.

    Score: 3
    O'Reilly 7:40pm Wed 16 Apr 14

    Blimey! ...the Tottenham Mandem must be in town.

    Score: 2
    O'Reilly 7:46pm Wed 16 Apr 14

    O'Reilly wrote…

    Blimey! ...the Tottenham Mandem must be in town.

    ...........or more likely 'The Staines Massive'.....nowaimi

    Score: 2
    JemBmth 8:01am Thu 17 Apr 14

    The 'Daily Echo' listed for an award? This is yesterday's news.

    Score: 0
    spooki 8:50am Thu 17 Apr 14

    Why all the pictures of nothing? Here's a door...here's some grass....oh, here's some pavement...

    And the one who said "One neighbour.....said "It's frightening. You just don't expect it"
    I don't think anyone expects to be shot through their kitchen window.

    It IS a nice place to live. It wasn't for a while but don't tar the whole place just by one incident!

    Score: 0

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