A CHERISHED £20,000 Audi was among vehicles severely damaged by vandals in a Southbourne street in the middle of the night.

Andrea Morris and partner Shane Gray were alerted by a neighbour to their damaged vehicle at around midnight on Thurs-day.

The couple had saved up to buy the special sports version of the Audi S5 which is now likely to cost more than £5,000 to repair.

“We only had it about six weeks,” said Andrea, 24.

“Now it’s dented on the bonnet and the whole of the roof has caved in.”

A van parked nearby was also believed to have been bounced on, plants were pulled from neighbours’ gardens and cars damaged further down Seafield Road in Bournemouth.

“I’m really angry,” said Andrea, who works for the Hertz car rental company.

“Someone has just come here and damaged other people’s belongings.”

The 2008 blue high-performance Audi was parked on the road outside the couple’s home and a neighbour saw what was going on and knocked on their door as well as calling the police.

By the time they got up and went downstairs, the police had arrived.

A 17-year-old youth was later arrested.

Shane, 26, who has his own business tinting vehicle windows, and Andrea both worked hard to save money to buy their dream car.

“To spend so much money, having saved up, and for one person to come along and ruin it for you, that’s the heart-wrenching thing,” said Andrea.

“If you spend that amount of money on a car, it’s going to have to be repaired one way or another,” she added.