SUNSEEKER’S largest super yacht was presented to its new owner, Formula 1’s Eddie Jordan, on Poole Quay this afternoon.

Reportedly worth £32million, the majestic 155 Yacht, created by over 200 members of staff from Sunseeker, was officially unveiled to those who had worked on it from the beginning in 2010.

Eddie Jordan, who took ownership of the yacht on behalf of the Jordan Family Trust, said that it was the culmination of a dream he has had since as far back as 2007.

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He also said that he looks forward to it coming over to his home in Monaco, predicted to happen in April, so that he has the yacht, named Blush, in time for the Monaco Grand Prix in May.

Mr Jordan said: “I am extremely pleased to be here today. I think when you have a dream, you think about something, and this dream is probably seven or eight years old in my head.

“I am a big fan of Sunseeker. I cannot tell how much of a fan I am. They are just a fabulous brand, fabulous family and a great workforce.”

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Eddie’s new 155 Yacht can cater for up to 12 guests, with space for up to 10 crew, plus a separate captain’s cabin, as well as a bespoke social deck area, which can be turned into a nightclub.

It will be a charted yacht which can be rented out to members of the public, with the first booking already made for three months, at a cost of £1million per month.

Asked how he dreamt up the idea for the 155 Yacht, he said: “I’m kind of a dreamy person. I dreamt about building racing cars and then formula one cars and that happened, and then I dreamt about this boat and the others, like the Snappers, and a couple of others, and boats before that, and here it is.

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“It has taken Sunseeker, as a brand and British shipbuilding in general, and everything in Poole, to a new level, and it gives them a great opportunity now to roll this out and sell it all over the world.”

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The 155 yacht

The 155 Yacht is the ‘biggest project ever undertaken’ by Sunseeker, which was thought up, put together and tested in Poole.

Weighing a total of 200tonnes, it has a maximum speed of 22 knots or 25mph, and costs £30,000 a time to fill up, which allow it to travel up to 4,000 nautical miles before it needs re-fuelling.

Robert Braithwaite, Group President at Sunseeker International, said: “It’s been quite a long journey from 2010,, but of course it is amazing for Poole and the area, to achieve such an iconic product.

“This is good for Sunseeker because we have moved ourselves up the ladder ten-fold for what we have achieved and what we have learnt from this. I think the amazing thing is, that this is a British success and it will be a world-beater.

“It is the best we have achieved so far, but we will get better.”

  • EDDIE Jordan also give his views on the year ahead in the Formula 1 racing calendar, naming driver, Nico Rosberg, as his predicted star for 2014, after he won the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 16.

He said: “Nico Rosberg won the first race and my guess is that he could be the champion.

“Yes, he has got Lewis Hamilton and Lewis is going to be really, really quick, and will win races, but I think this year could be the year of Nico. He has a very big chance.”

Mr Jordan also said: “I wasn’t surprised to see that Mercedes won the first event and I also wasn’t surprised to hear the uproar on the noise. I think they will do something on that, because it’s needed.

“I think the noise is a fundamental part of Formula One and it is almost part of the sex appeal of it, as a key ingredient.”

When asked to name his favourite racing circuit, Eddie says that he is a diehard fan of Silverstone Circuit, but also likes the Monaco track, as it is close to his home.