THE British Army has launched a recruitment campaign in Poole to attract more full and part-time recruits to a new career.

Research has suggested that one in four residents within the town are not satisfied with their current job, and admit that the greatest factors missing include a decent salary, excellent training and personal development opportunities.

In response, the Army has said that they can offer all of this and the research also suggested that a lack of awareness of Army life and the roles on offer could be stopping potential recruits from joining them.

Anyone wishing to find out more information can visit the Army Reserves Centre, on Wallisdown Road, every Tuesday evening, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, where they can find out more from serving troops.

Major General Chris Tickell, Director General of the Army Recruiting and Training Division, said: “The Army is restructuring to ensure Regular and Reserve soldiers are fully integrated into one force, training and working alongside each other.”

He added: “This campaign reflects that and will kick-start our 2014 activity to recruit new full-time soldiers and increase the trained strength of part-time soldiers.

“We hope to do this by challenging public perceptions that the Army purely consists of frontline combat roles.

“We want to show potential recruits, who are perhaps thinking about how they can improve their careers and lives, that there is much more to the Army than meets the eye.”

Some of the roles offered by the Army include bricklayers, communications specialists, air conditioning and refrigeration engineers, musicians, technical store men, healthcare assistants and infantry soldiers.

This is the latest part of the recruitment campaign, following on from community engagement event held at Lighthouse Poole, in November last year.

During the event, the public was told that the plan was to expand the 30-strong platoon of 6 Rifles, currently based at Wallisdown, to become a 100-strong company, while the Dorchester unit, which is currently a company, would step down to a platoon by the end of 2014.

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