THE Community First Responder team in Bransgore has started an intensive recruitment campaign to find more volunteers.

People living in Burley, Bransgore and Sopley are being urged to think about becoming local life-saving responders for the benefit of their own community.

Jackie Russell, deputy group co-ordinator said: “We desperately need volunteers who can give us a few hours a month to bolster our team in Bransgore where most volunteers live.

“But in Burley we need the community to come forward and volunteer so that we can provide a faster service than we can from Bransgore. In cases of cardiac arrest minutes really do matter if we are to improve the chances of someone surviving.”

The group also needs volunteers living in Sopley and Ripley.

Anyone interested in Bransgore, Burley, Sopley or Ringwood can call 0844 500 9699 email enquiries@ bransgorecommunity or visit brqansgorecommunity