WESSEX Water has thanked Poole residents for their patience while they carry out repairs on Blandford Road.

The closure of the busy main road, between Turlin Road and Allens Lane, has been in place since last Sunday, February 2, due to a collapsed sewer, and residents have spoken of side roads being gridlocked by queuing traffic.

Motorists are not able to turn left out of Turlin Road while the roadworks are being carried out, but are able to turn right to get into Poole, say Wessex Water.

Those coming out of Upton will not be able to get to Poole directly through Blandford Road, but will instead be diverted via Holes Bay Road.

Andy Gale, Sewerage Manager, said: “I would like to personally thank people for their continued patience that is helping us get on with the work.

He added: “We’re hopeful that we will be able to provide a completion date after the weekend.

Mr Gale went on to say that the staff at Wessex Water have been working day and night to get repairs completed, and assured residents living nearby that their sewerage services will not be affected.

Road closures were agreed by Borough of Poole to ensure the safety of motorists and workers on site.

It is predicted that the road works will not be completed before this Sunday.