TAPPER Funeral Service has raised more than £2,300 for charities across Dorset from its Outlook Bereavement Support programme. 

The money was collected off the back of the programme’s series of events, which were held monthly throughout 2013.

Outlook Bereavement Support is a programme of free events that brings together the bereaved and enables them to help one another through the grieving process.

At each gathering there is an optional small collection for charity, ranging from Broad-stone Age Concern, Lewis Mann-ing, Oakhaven Hospice, Forest Holme Hospice and Macmillan Caring Locally.

The events included buffet lunches, walking groups, coffee mornings and seasonal services and each one aims to give people a chance to talk about their experiences and feelings, or simply listen to others.

Steven Tapper, joint managing director at Tapper Funeral Service, said: “Bereavement is different for everyone and we wanted to create an environment and support network.

“People can call upon this when they wish, to allow them to work through their emotions, at their own pace, but not in isolation.”