Several pets in Dorset are looking for their forever homes, including at the Ashley Heath Animal Centre.

Located on the border with Hampshire, the centre offers care for its animals in rural surroundings.

A few animals from the centre are listed below but more can be found on the centre's website.

To help the Ashley Heath Animal Centre carry on their work you can donate to their website here.


Bournemouth Echo: BlueyBluey (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - Nine years old

Breed - Husky (Siberian)

Colour - Grey/White

If you want to adopt Bluey you can view their full profile here.

Bluey is described as being "sociable" with other dogs and when meeting new people.

He knows some basic commands and although generally walks reasonably well on the lead, he can be strong at times.

The RSPCA adds: "Bluey is looking for a home where he will have access to a garden to enjoy laying in the sunshine.

"After his assessment here we feel he may be ok to live with dog-confident children 16 years+ but cannot live with cats."


Bournemouth Echo: SmokeySmokey (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - Two years old

Breed - Lionhead Lop

Colour - Grey

If you want to adopt Smokey you can view their full profile here.

Smokey is a rabbit who is looking for a home with an existing neutered male rabbit to gradually introduce her to and become a bonded pair.

She came into the care of the RSPCA as her welfare needs were not being met, and was initially underweight but is now progressing well.

The RSPCA adds: "If you are interested in adopting a rabbit from RSPCA Ashley Heath you would need to have accommodation already in place. A pair of rabbits will require unrestricted access to a space measuring 6ft by 10ft, totalling 60 square feet." 

Mr Binx

Bournemouth Echo: Mr BinxMr Binx (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - Two years old

Breed - Domestic

Colour - White

If you want to adopt Mr Binx you can view their full profile here.

Mr Binx came into the care of the RSPCA after being found abandoned along with a number of other rabbits, and he is now ready for a new home.

He is a friendly, social rabbit, who enjoys exploring his environment and supervising at cleaning time.

Ashley Heath adds: "He would like to be rehomed to live with a female rabbit as company and will require a large living area with plenty of enrichment to keep them occupied.

"Initially, they will require separate accommodation from each other during the bonding process."


Bournemouth Echo: DiegoDiego (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - Five years old

Breed - Domestic Semi crossbreed

Colour - Black and White

If you want to adopt Diego you can view their full profile here.

Diego came to Ashley Heath after being abandoned by his previous owner and he now wishes to find a loving new home.

He is quite nervous of people so will need understanding owners to help settle him in.

Ideally, he would have a room of his own whilst settling before being introduced to the rest of the house.

The RSPCA adds: "Diego may get used to another cat, given the time and space to settle. No dogs. Could live with children teens plus."

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Angel and Yoda

Bournemouth Echo: Angel and YodaAngel and Yoda (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Not stated on the profile

Age - Five years old (approx.)

Breed - Chihuahua crossbreed

Colour - White (Angel) and Brown (Yoda)

If you want to adopt Angel and Yoda you can view their full profile here.

Angel and Yoda came into the care of the RSPCA after being removed from unsuitable living conditions.

They are now looking to find a home together and will require owners experienced with Chihuahua breeds and their behaviours.

Someone will need to stay at home with them initially as they are likely to need some housetraining due to previously living in dirty conditions.

Both lack social skills with other dogs so can easily be scared or worried by them.