IN response to the letter in the Bournemouth Echo (31st January, Phone box fail) the writer goes on to say "another poor dog...not being on a lead at Old Harry Rocks."

The writer asks why a notice hasn't been put up asking owners to keep dogs on leads.

Response: There are umpteen notices in the area on the approach to and beyond Old Harry Rocks, asking owners to keep dogs on leads and warnings about sheer cliff drops.

The writer states "the dogs can't read but surely the owners can!" Response: Obviously not!

As a regular walker in the area, even when the dogs are running freely and the notices are pointed out to their owners, the response is either (rarely) "thank you for telling us" or (mostly) "my dog won't go far, it's fine off the lead" as it disappears through the undergrowth and a sheer drop to the cliffs and beach below.

The rescue services have better things to do with their time and limited resources than rescue dogs belonging to those thoughtless owners who choose to ignore the warning signs.

Marje Heath

Bestwall Road