AN iguana called Eddie Lizard that's lucky to be alive has found his forever home at Bournemouth aquariam, Oceanarium.

Eddie was found abandoned in freezing temperatures in a stranger’s doorway in January.

He was left in a plastic box with just a blanket and a towel for warmth, however, iguanas require a heat lamp as they are endothermic so need to be kept warm to survive.

Eddie was rescued by Brighton RSPCA and has now been rehomed at the Oceanarium.

Oliver Buttling, Oceanarium curator,said "We are very pleased to be able to give Eddie a forever home following the suffering he endured.

"It is very sad to think there are people out there who think it’s okay to treat animals in that way. I want to stress that pet owners need to be aware of the full requirements prior to taking on any animal.”

Eddie is enjoying his new surroundings and now lives in a purpose-built iguana enclosure.

It features tree trunks, plants, and a pool, along with shelves and structures to provide basking spots.

Visitors to the Oceanarium are able to find Eddie in the Amazonian mud hut themed enclosure at the top of the stairs.

Oliver added: “We are very excited to see how Eddie gets on at the Oceanarium. Already he has settled in well and is very active. He enjoys climbing and sitting in his pool.

"My dedicated team and I will be giving him the highest standards of husbandry and are delighted to take care of him.”

The Oceanarium said it has worked closely with the RSPCA and UK customs over the last 25 years to re-home numerous creatures, some of which have been "significantly linked to the illegal pet trade".