ALMOST 900 motorists have had their speeding tickets cancelled after a fault with speed cameras. 

Police have revoked 884 offences clocked by the average speed cameras on the A338 southbound between Blackwater junction and the Cooper Dean roundabout.

Dorset Police said the fault affected drivers who were travelling on the stretch of the Spur Road between November 7 and December 16 last year.

The county force added the cameras were “moved out of alignment” causing a potential breach of their 'approval parameters' set by the Home Office. 

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “We believe the dealignment of the cameras, meaning that the area of the road captured by the cameras’ image moved slightly, was due to vandalism. 

Bournemouth Echo:

“This is not to say that the reported drivers were not identified correctly or that offences were not committed during that period. 

“However, in an effort to be fair and transparent, it was decided to cancel 884 offences detected on those specific cameras for that specific period.”

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The spokesperson said that offences outside the timeframe affected and any from the northbound carriageway will not be cancelled.

All 884 drivers have been contacted by Dorset Police. 

John Bryant, 80, was fined after the cameras recorded him driving at 57mph – something he said would not have been possible.

Bournemouth Echo:

“I’ve done over 2,000 trips down that stretch of road and used to work in Bournemouth for 12 years, I wouldn’t speed there,” he said. 

“I was shocked when I was given the letter saying I was going at 57mph. The public should be made aware of this and it has destroyed the credibility of Dorset Police.” 

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Mr Bryant, from Salisbury, said he attended a driver’s awareness course which cost him £130. 

He also believes there is no need for average speed cameras between Blackwater and Cooper Dean, saying: “It’s a safe bit of road with nothing around.

“It’s 70mph all the way from London and then the only hurdle is when you enter Bournemouth when you’re hit with the speed cameras.” 

The police spokesperson added: “All safety cameras are approved for their type of use, undergo periodic inspections and are checked when they are moved or calibrated.  

“The process of dealing with speed camera offences includes an individual verification of each offence and individual cases will only move to prosecution if the evidence is robust.” 

Since summer 2022, a Facebook group of residents has rallied against the average speed cameras along the A338 claiming they were wrongfully prosecuted

Dorset Police said no issues were found with the cameras at the time. 

The same year the Echo revealed the cameras were not operational for 49 weeks due to a technical upgrade. 

Dorset Police added: "Our plea to motorists is to obey speed limits as speeding is one of the main causes of collisions, which often have devastating consequences.

"If speed limits are adhered to, the need for enforcement activities will be reduced."