DRIVERS contesting speeding tickets from the A338 have joined forces to object to the fines they received while travelling on Bournemouth's main road.

Many residents have received fines for speeding offences, as well as points on their licence, while driving through the average speed check on the A338.

Now, more than 200 people have formed a Facebook group, with many claiming there could be something wrong with the cameras. 

Bournemouth Echo: Average speed cameras on the A338 going out of BournemouthAverage speed cameras on the A338 going out of Bournemouth

Dorset Police say no issues have been found with the cameras.

Jade Graham received three separate speeding offences in the past two months, but is “adamant” they were dished out wrongfully. 

She said she is “prepared to go to court”, adding: “I cannot afford to have nine points on my licence for the next three years. Something is wrong.  

“The volume of people saying the same thing is not a coincidence.” 

Jade paid the first two fines “for an easy life” but suspected something was wrong then, as the A338 is a route she takes every day and she is aware of the cameras there. 

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She added: “I’m not an idiot, I understand how average speed cameras work.  

“I haven’t suddenly started driving like a lunatic in the last few months. 

“None of the three occasions was I speeding.” 

Joanne Claire also uses the dual carriageway regularly and is now worried about receiving more fines through the post after already receiving one. She said: “I set my cruise control at 50mph so it is impossible to have averaged 58mph. 

Bournemouth Echo: Average speed cameras on the A338 has picked up more than 10,000 fines since NovemberAverage speed cameras on the A338 has picked up more than 10,000 fines since November

“I want to challenge it, but when I do that, I lose my right to a driving course. I have no option. 

“You can’t win, you’re stuffed. 

“There has to be some sort of fault with the cameras.” 

In March, the Echo revealed speed cameras on the A338 Spur Road between Blackwater junction and Cooper Dean were not operational for 49 weeks due to “technical upgrades” and as part of this there was a “requirement to carry out a process of testing and re-validating the upgraded cameras.” 

However, Dorset Police have confirmed “no issues were found” with the speed cameras following enquires relating to them.  

A spokesperson said: “All cameras used by Dorset Police to measure speed are subject to the Home Office Type Approval process and certified accordingly.  

“Any maintenance and calibration checks are carried out by the supplier to the required, high standards, to ensure correct functionality and compliance.  

“Following enquiries specifically related to cameras along the A338 in Bournemouth, checks were made to ensure the cameras are, and have been, functioning correctly. No issues were found.” 

Between November last year and the end of June, 10,756 speeding offences have been recorded on the cameras. Dorset Police say that in isolation the figures “appear quite high”, the number is “extremely low” compared with the estimated 8 million vehicles estimated to have passed through during the time period.