A MOTORIST received a speeding ticket in Christchurch despite dashcam footage showing he was under the speed limit. 

Australia-resident Blair Allen, who was visiting Bournemouth for a friend’s wedding, received a speeding ticket in August from Dorset Police whilst travelling in Barrack Road in Christchurch in a white Peugeot 208 hire car. 

The speed limit of the busy road is 30mph and, evidenced in dashcam footage, he was driving between 20mph and 23mph on the 30mph road.

Bournemouth Echo: Blair was under 30mphBlair was under 30mph (Image: NQ)

But he was shocked to discover a speeding ticket saying he was caught doing 36mph. 

Blair, who lives in Perth, said: “I was on holiday with my wife to attend a friend’s wedding. We were on our way to the wedding when we were flashed by the camera.

“I always keep a dashcam on me, which is quite fortunate, but the speed camera said I was doing 36mph in a 30 zone. The dashcam showed I was actually doing 20. 

“How can they pick me up at almost double the speed that I was doing? 

“This will be a concern to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who drive past it every day.” 

Blair said he completed more than 2,500 miles in his trip to the UK and his dashcam picked up every minute of the journey. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Blair, who lived in Bournemouth from 1999 to 2001 so is “very familiar” with the area. 

“I queried a few times with the police and they said after an investigation they will be taking no further action. What I want to know from the police is why did I receive a speeding ticket,” Blair added. 

Bournemouth Echo: Speed camera in Barrack RoadSpeed camera in Barrack Road (Image: NQ)

We asked Dorset Police why Blair received a speeding ticket and if there is any faults with the speed camera in Barrack Road. 

The spokesperson said: “We are unable to go into the specific circumstances of this particular incident and the reason for the fine being revoked. 

“However, we can assure members of the public that the camera involved has been thoroughly checked and we are confident there is no fault with the device.”