WITH over 100,000 households in BCP. along with business premises, it is a huge task for council to collect and empty some 300,000 bins on a fortnightly rota.

Don’t we all take it for granted, along with the millions of tons of refuse rotting away in land fills? The vast out-of-sight downside of 21st century mass consumption.

We take it all for granted, until that is it all grinds to a halt.

Currently no green bins collections, for a fifth week.

All credit to the management and crews that manage this very hard work. And very sorry for all those in the teams that have come down with Covid.

But is this really the best our council can offer? Apologies and explanations, but no contingency action?

As hard-strapped as council claims to be (don’t talk about £90,000 limousines or benefit packages that go on forever) we do have emergency funding in our council.

Is this not clearly a case where emergency funds need to be released and crews, that are still working, along with agency staff, asked to take on emergency working schedules?

However are we going to even begin to deal with the consequences of climate – flash flooding with rising sea pouring into Bournemouth central and Poole and Christchurch lowland areas – if we can’t even pull together emergency contingency plans to keep collection services going?

We surely need to get into far more effective emergency mindsets. Like it or not this is our new world order. Of our making.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone