BOURNEMOUTH Council on Sunday continued their appalling record of handling visitors intent on visiting Boscombe beach, despite there being no parking available by early morning.

All roads leading down to the pier were full of constant traffic, constantly blocking the bus parking area and blocking access for the land train. Please praise publicly the brave man who stood, directing abusive people for hours outside Honeycombe Chine car park.

Living in Honeycombe Chine we pay the best part of £2,000 in council tax for a one-bedroom flat and on a sunny day can neither leave nor return to our home. Throughout the day the car park attendant and our concierge team asked for help – nothing. Cars were littered everywhere on double yellow lines and not one parking ticket issued. No visible sign of any traffic wardens and certainly no sighting of any police help.

Hang your heads in shame Bournemouth councillors. I even witnessed a gentleman in a wheelchair having to ask an abusive visitor to move his car off the pavement so he could get by.

Is there anybody on the council with the sense to deal with this repeated fiasco? We know that the car parks near Boscombe pier are very lucrative for the council and clearly your park and ride scheme from Kings Park is not working effectively. Try harder BCP councillors!


Honeycombe Chine, Boscombe