SINCE BCP took over responsibility for the beach from Poole council so many things have deteriorated.

From rubbish collection to the cleanliness of the beach and the state of the promenade, but the thing that makes me most angry is the lack of care and responsibility in maintaining the three floating chairs that allowed those who are disabled to get into the sea.

These chairs were donated by Tesco to Poole local authority to enable disabled people to access the water.

They cost in excess of £1,000 each and the money was raised by contributions of the public at local stores.

In the past the beach manager for Poole made sure that these chairs were maintained and looked after for the benefit of people who could not cross the sand or do not have the ability to walk unaided.

When BCP took over responsibility not even simple maintenance was carried out and they fell into disrepair very fast, being constructed of aluminium.

They needed to be hosed down each time they came out of the water. BCP beach staff seemed to believe this was not part of their responsibilities and there was no instruction to the ever-changing personnel.

I have raised this with the authority but again if the matter concerned those with disability there was little they wished to do.

The town hall referred me to the beach office and the beach manager was totally dismissive at the time. On making an enquiry this year I have been informed by BCP personnel that this is a service they will no longer provide.

I know it will take money and some administration process but I believe that BCP have a duty to those people that donated to the fund for these chairs and a moral duty to get these chairs back at Branksome and Sandbanks for the benefit of those people who cannot walk and would much appreciate the ability to get into the sea.

If we are going to keep cutting costs that effects peoples lives by always going for the cheap option, it’s a sad state that says much about how we care for each other.


Magna Road, Bearwood