WEYMOUTH Football Club has rejected plans to relocate the club’s stadium.
The club has told landowner Wessex Delivery LLP that the proposal, which would see the stadium move to Lodmoor and around 200 houses built on the current site, do not meet the standards of the team.
In a statement released yesterday the team announced that it will not be moving under the current plans.
It said: “After countless meetings and many months of negotiations the Board of Weymouth Football Club - having taken note of feedback received from fans, shareholders and residents - have now informed Wessex Delivery Partnership and their colleagues that their current proposals for the relocation of the football club do not meet the standards set out by the Board or within the Option Agreement.
“We have previously asked, on several occasions, for guarantees in relation to many areas surrounding the development proposals and have - at this time - received nothing in writing.
“Whilst awaiting receipt of these guarantees the Board are engaging with the appropriate legal advisors in relation to the overall position and taking advice to establish and understand all avenues that may be open to the Football Club.”