Welcome to We'll Meet Again - a section dedicated to putting old friends and relatives back in touch.

This website is visited by thousands of people from the region, across the country and even worldwide who are from, or who are connected with Dorset, making it an ideal tool for tracking-down family and friends from the area with whom you've lost contact.

Use our Searchline to post a message to the world appealing for someone you've lost contact with to get back in touch, and see if there's anyone out there trying to find you.

Please note ONLY messages for LIVING relatives, friends or work colleagues in Dorset or Hampshire can be added. This is not a service to help you trace your family trees

Use the Ex-pats section if you are an ex-Dorset resident now living abroad, or if you are trying to find someone who has moved overseas.

Past or present Dorset residents use our Memories page to share your memories of your old home-town, village or county and read the submissions left by others.

And if this site has helped you locate someone you've been looking for, or if you just want to submit your comments, use our Successes page to contact us, as we would love to hear your stories about tracking down friends and loved ones, with our we'll meet again service

To read stories about people of Dorset and their history, in our section Snapshots of the Past, click here