I AM outraged at the 'bullying' behaviour of the individuals who have hi-jacked the issues surrounding the "homeless" in our conurbation and have seized the moral high ground.

I suspect many of them and thousands who signed the online petition, have no connection with the town and certainly are ignorant of the significant help on offer from councils and other agencies in the town. Much of the anti-social behaviour occurring in our town centres is as a direct result of people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

I accept that genuinely homeless people who seek help should be treated with respect and compassion and helped to re-integrate into society. Poole council's idea to fine them £1,000 for sleeping rough is patently ridiculous.

The decoration of the benches with sheets, duvets and old blankets helps no-one and makes the place look like a 'shanty town'.

The benches will be unusable by old people and those with mobility or health issues.

Already there are many elderly people that I know who feel very threatened and intimidated by the anti-social behaviour of some of the "street people".

I believe those who reject help do not actually want to take on any responsibility for their own lives and at least for some this IS a life choice. Please do not make the town a 'no-go area' for ordinary residents and visitors.


Surrey Road, Branksome, Poole