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Letter to the editor: Help children with a party

FAMILIES across the UK are beginning to prepare for festive celebrations, but at Barnardo’s our focus is on helping and supporting vulnerable children who may be missing out on the joy of Christmas.

Letter to the Editor: Staggering phone scammer's reply

THIS scam has been going for a few years. Two years ago on 11th of November I came in from the garden after spending some time in silence remembering those who had lost their lives so we may have a safer future.(What a waste of life).

Letter to the editor: Why are you so upset?

WITH reference to Brexit and the passionate letters your paper has been sharing with us, your readers, over the last three years, I would like to say that I do not understand the anger some 'Leavers' seem to have with the complex issues of the Brexit process. They knew exactly what they were voting for in June 2016:

Letter to the editor: Let's keep the heaths special

DURING my daily surveys of the SSSI heaths looking for the more exotic species, I come across people whose view on rare species on public heaths open to dogs, walkers and children is to immediately remove them to a place of safety.