IT seems that manners aren't what they used to be.

Today at lunchtime I was in Tesco Metro Bournemouth with my wife to buy a few items.

We reached the end of a till where there was no queue in front.

Just before we had the chance to place our items down we saw an elderly lady approaching the till in a hurry. We assumed she just wanted to pass straight through to the exit without making a purchase so we moved aside to let her through.

She then slammed a small item down that we had not noticed on the belt and proceeded with the purchase.

Neither the old lady or the cashier said anything to us even though we were obviously first to be served.Not even a thank you to us from the lady.

Then she finished her purchase and hurried out of the store.

Not long ago outside the same store another elderly female in her car would not wait to let me cross towards the store at the zebra crossing.


Alumhurst Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth