HAVING carefully read the representations to the Secretary of State from six of the nine councils across Dorset, showing their unequivocal support for Local Government Reorganisation in the shape of the Future Dorset proposal, I am increasingly frustrated at reading the ill-informed comments from some of your recent correspondents.

All the letters sent to Sajid Javid MP are well and thoroughly considered, different in content and emphasis and represent the views of the separate councils.

All recognise that this decision is beyond issues of local concern, rather that it is about the future of Dorset and its ability to achieve economic and social success as a 21st Century county.

Mayoralties and civic functions are important to all the three towns of Christchurch, Poole and Bournemouth, and they will be retained, as will local heritage, but the organisation and administration of council services must be the leanest and most efficient possible.

It is clear that our elected leaders are working together and are of one mind that the formation of two new councils to cover Dorset is the best way forward.

The spreading of misleading and inaccurate information which seeks to undermine the integrity of the two Joint Committees and the huge amount of work going on is counter-productive in the extreme.

That some of it is so very personalised is wholly inappropriate and smacks of desperation.

Two more councils have now decided to add their support to Future Dorset, leaving only one small district council in denial.

Given the distorted and misleading information put out with the local poll in Christchurch, the results must be unreliable.

Add to that the fact that over 85% of Christchurch services are provided through Dorset's share of Christchurch residents' council tax, they must be concerned about the future if significant savings are not made soon.

Those decisions will not be made by Christchurch but by the county council in Dorchester.

Why are those making most of the noise in Christchurch not showing strong leadership and thinking about the sustainability of future services?

This is about the future of Dorset. Ensuring that together we can futureproof and deliver first class services for our residents, businesses and visitors.


Boscombe West Ward