LUCKILY for him firefighters have saved Rupert Murdoch's home and vineyard estate from the appalling Californian wildfires. Not everyone has been as lucky and there's more climate mayhem to come for us all.

But we can limit the damage. The technology is here.

Sir David Attenborough now urges us all to take our Blue Planet seriously and we are told to turn to renewables. "Never before have we such power to do something about it," says the veteran broadcaster.

President Macron would agree as he hosts more climate leadership, being echoed by our own Prime Minister. "There is a clear moral imperative for developed economies to help those who stand to lose most from climate change." She also speaks of the business opportunities for the UK " the forefront of emerging green technologies...and good quality jobs."

What a shame councillor Mike Greene did not listen to young voices or even more mature voices like Dr Rodger's (Echo letter 11.12.17) when he, Cllr Greene, spread unfounded assertions about damage to tourism and the economy from the exciting Navitus project. An astonishing 790,000 homes' worth of clean energy!

The people of Dorset and the impecunious Isle of Wight can only look on in envy at the loss of jobs and safe energy as Brighton benefits from wonderful Rampion just eight miles out and as those magnificent, locally produced, 80 metre Vestas blades are exported around the world.


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