YOUR report on drug dealing in Kinson made me extremely sad and angry.

I was sad at the idea that residents of this and other areas in Bournemouth feel so powerless in the fight against such open dealing on our streets. I was angry that these incidents are unable to be dealt with by a police force that is compelled to stand idly by due to lack of funding and personnel.

If this blight is to be dealt with by legal means we must start to elect councillors, MPs and police commissioners who are prepared to commit the time and resources necessary. This must include a willingness to raise taxes in order to adequately fund appropriate measures.

Failure to do so can only go one of two ways; either the problem is allowed to continue escalating, or, I fear, individuals within affected communities will start to take the law into their own hands.

I have no difficulty with communities coming together to address challenges, but let's give them the right tools for the job!


Spurgeon Road, Bournemouth