GRAHAM Cribb’s letter regarding skateboarding in the Square suggests a compromise should be reached and allowed in the evenings after 6pm.

Like all things all in life a decision has to be made about what is best for the majority in our society. Skateboarding is a case in point. The pastime in itself is not a problem if done in the right place.

I have been one of the town centre councillors for over 20 years and worked tirelessly to make sure our Square is a place of enjoyment and fun for all to enjoy. We want a peaceful environment with activities and entertainment for all to enjoy.

We are trying to encourage and support the early evening economy and bring life back to the area which is often quiet and deserted in the evenings. It is part of the council’s plan to reinvigorate the town centre as a whole. The opening of the new cinema complex next year will play a big part in our plans.

This will hopefully encourage businesses to stay open later and bring a new lease of life to the centre.

To allow skateboarding and all the associated clattering and banging that goes with it to continue is simply not on the agenda.

I am sure the youths who participate in this hobby are very nice people and look at this as just a place to practice and show off their skills but they have to realize that the majority of the wider public to not share their views.

Apart from the damage that has been caused to the walling around the Square and the danger to the public, the noise created is unacceptable as nearby residents will testify. The owner of the cafe Obscura will confirm that the problems and disturbances caused by the skateboarders are unacceptable.

As the police will not support the council with our objectives it will be necessary to introduce a public space protection order for this (and possibly other areas) which will hopefully stop this unwanted activity.

The council has provided three other skateboard parks around the town (Slades Farm, Duck Lane and Kings Park) and I would encourage the participants of this sport to go there.

Councillor David Smith

Town Centre ward